Building a Recession-Proof Benefits Program

It can be tough to navigate economic uncertainty. Balancing a need to cut costs, while still aiming to retain and support top talent is challenging. However, there is a way to design a benefits package that provides employees support where it matters most, while also keeping an eye to controlling overall costs.

The trick is knowing the features that make a benefit solution effective during times of recession, so you can easily identify the vendors to explore — as well as the ones to skip. 

To help you cut through the clutter, we met with Benefit Leaders from Employer Health Innovation Roundtable (EHIR) on what they are currently looking for when building a benefits program that can withstand the employment challenges of economic instability.

Download Building a Recession-Proof Benefits Program to find out:

  • Features that drive the most ROI during economic uncertainty
  • Importance of value-based care models when the dollar value declines
  • How to design a package that meets the needs of your population while also being able to control costs

“Value-based care models are optimized for efficiency, allowing everyone in the health care ecosystem to get the most value out of each dollar – making them even more powerful during economic turbulence.”

– Building a Recession-Proof Benefits Program by EHIR | Progyny