Pre-Motherhood: Struggling to Conceive

Expert Interview Series: E3

Join Dr. Georgia Witkin, Head of Patient Services Development at Progyny, Director of Psychological Services at RMA of New York, Assistant Professor of OB-GYN and Reproductive Medicine at Mt. Sinai as she discusses the concept of “Pre-Motherhood” with Jenna Marnelli, ovum donation recipient and mother of two. There are many ways to become a mother and Witkin defines the term of “Pre-Motherhood” as the period during which a woman is either interested in or trying to become pregnant. This episode explores stress and infertility, how to keep the joy in your relationship, the fear of miscarriage and how to work during both fertility treatments and pregnancy. This period can be hard to navigate, but Witkin and Marnelli discuss how to take care of yourself during this difficult time.

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