Nation’s largest fertility network

Progyny is dedicated to partnering with the highest quality fertility clinics to help members achieve the best outcomes. Each clinic goes through Progyny’s credentialing process to ensure quality use of the most cutting edge technologies and consistency across our network.

Why partner with us?

Partnering with Progyny means joining the fastest growing network of fertility clinics servicing Fortune 500 companies. Our bundled benefits mean that doctors will be able to treat patients based on what’s best for them, instead of costs. Your patients will be covered for an average of 2 IVF cycles, plus consultation, freeze-all IVF cycles, PGS with single embryo transfer, egg freezing, and embryo banking. Additionally, all of our provider partners can expect to receive prompt reimbursement after treatment completion. Maintaining a positive relationship with providers is central to our business.

If you’re interested in connecting with us, call one of our provider network specialists at 212.888.3124

Our network

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The provider network may change at any time. A provider listed in the directory when you enroll in a plan may not be available when your benefits become effective. Please contact your Patient Care Advocate for the most up to date information.

Join our growing network

  • Provide qualified patients with quick access to IVF and egg freezing
  • Leverage technology such as PGS
  • Focus on the best treatment for the patient, not on the patient’s remaining benefit dollars
  • Benefit from streamlined communication and claims processing
  • Receive prompt reimbursement after treatment completion