Navigating Your Family Building Journey During the Holidays

carving the roast at holiday dinner

The holidays are usually the time when family members and friends you may not have seen throughout the year come together and celebrate. While this season is meant to bring joy, there may be triggers or situations you may find yourself in that could heighten your stress and anxiety. For example, Aunt Fanny’s well intended questions on, “when are you having kids?” or seeing a newborn niece or nephew may be a trigger and put you in a negative headspace. Regardless of the reason, we understand the challenges the holidays may bring. Join us as we dive into how to handle well intended questions, tips on how to prepare yourself for a family gathering, how to avoid and manage triggers, and how to enjoy this time of year.


  • Regina Townsend, Founder of The Broken Brown Egg
  • Khaled Kteily, CEO of Legacy
  • Georgia Witkin, Head of Member Services Development at Progyny, Assistant Professor of OB-GYN and Reproductive Sciences and Assistant Clinical Professor at Mount Sinai

Preparation Before You Go

Tips for at the Event

New Traditions and Moving Forward

The Impact of Holidays on Relationships