baby holding parent's finger

Progyny Celebrates National Adoption Awareness Month

At Progyny, we believe everyone who wants to have a child should be able to do so and with so many paths to parenthood, it’s our mission to help get you there, regardless of the path you choose to take. Adoption has been that path for many Progyny members, just as it is with millions of parents worldwide. Some use adoption to start their families, others to grow them, but one thing is certain: love makes a family.

November is National Adoption Awareness Month, so join us in celebrating all the wonderful families who have adopted and organizations who make the process possible. You can explore their stories by checking out the podcast episodes from This is Infertility. If you have additional questions about adoption, call your dedicated PCA.


  1. Episode 25: The Miracle of Adoption and Helping Others
  2. Episode 58: There’s More Than One Way to Create a Family
  3. Episode 61: Overcoming Failed Fertility Treatments: A Male’s Perspective