This is Infertility: Episode 39

Shifting Priorities: Jenny Galluzzo

Welcome to our second season of This is Infertility!


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Life is filled with shifting priorities. Your focus when you were younger is a lot different than your focus now. As you enter the workforce, especially as a woman, shifting priorities doesn’t stop, and the choices get tougher. If your workplace doesn’t support your family building needs, you may need to find one that does. But after years of struggling to start your family, followed by years supporting it, can you ever reclaim the career you left behind? In this episode, we hear from Jenny Galluzzo, co-founder of The Second Shift, who struggled with infertility before having two children, and found the career she worked so hard to build was suddenly not working for her new lifestyle.  Today’s host is Janelle Branch, Patient Care Advocate at Progyny.

Guests include: Jenny Galluzzo, Co-Founder of The Second Shift