Metro Women’s Leadership Summit


Discuss Current Issues Faced by Women and Solutions to these Problems

Progyny is excited to announce our participation at the Metro Women’s Leadership Summit “Climbing Redefining the Ladder” on June 1, 2018. This conference brings together leaders and political activities in the fields of health and finance and will take place at the Newark International Airport Marriott.

Attending? Stop by and see Karin Ajmani, President of Progyny, and Dr. Shefali Shastri, RMA of NJ, present at the 2:30pm ET breakout session.

This breakout session will explore the innovative ways that employers can attract, recruit, and retain top talent given the current low unemployment rate in the US. Providing a fertility and family-building benefit can send a strong cultural message to employees and show the public that the company recognizes the importance of its female workforce. Unfortunately, only one in four employers provide any fertility coverage to their employees. In our presentation, we will cover why fertility is a growing issue and how employing an effective fertility benefits program can help save on employer healthcare costs, improve employee productivity, retention and morale, and enable a company to provide its employees the opportunity to build their family.