Getting To Know: Tiffany

A Patient Care Advocate

Patient Care Advocates (PCAs) are an integral part of a member’s fertility journey with Progyny, and we would like you to get to know them better. This week, we’re happy to introduce Tiffany Reid, a Patient Care Advocate.

Name: Tiffany Reid

What’s your background in healthcare/fertility? (Brief background)
My background in healthcare started with my first medical job at Columbia Medical Center in the Orthopedic department. After I left Columbia, I started working at Cornell, in the fertility department for almost two years. From there on I became truly amazed with the fertility world.

What do you enjoy the most about being a patient care advocate?
Making my members happy, especially when they’re very grateful for all that you’ve done, and when they get pregnant.

What’s your favorite/best moment so far at Progyny?
The people I work with are great and are passionate about what they do.

What does family mean to you?
Being around the ones you love and spending time with you. Creating moments and memories. It can be friends, work – doesn’t necessarily need to be blood related.

Give one word to describe the impact you’ve made on a member’s life:

What’s a fun fact about you?
I love to travel! Every birthday I pick a new country to travel to with my best friend, whose birthday is two days apart from mine. For this birthday we are going to Antigua.

What’s the last TV series or movie you binge-watched?
This is Us.

Do you have any personal goals for this year?
To continue to acquire all the necessary skills and experience to become proficient in healthcare, and eventually get a job in healthcare management. Also, to continue to help people.