Getting To Know: Lissa

Vice President of Member and Provider Services

Patient Care Advocates (PCAs) are an integral part of a member’s fertility journey with Progyny, and we would like you to get to know them better. This week, we’re happy to introduce Lissa Kline, Director of Member Services.

Name: Lissa Kline

What’s your background in healthcare/fertility? (Brief background)
I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and worked at a fertility clinic for 7 years! I assisted new patients, was the Donor Egg Program Manager, Patient Services Manager, and then ultimately the Operations Manager. I found fertility on accident and I really love it.

What’s your role at Progyny?
I am the Vice President of Member and Provider Services – essentially managing all touchpoints with our members.

What’s your favorite/best moment so far at Progyny?
I was able to help a member who had a new diagnosis of cancer. I helped her with finding a clinic and getting into a fertility preservation cycle quickly! I love that Progyny offers a benefit that is for everyone at any time for any reason.

What does family mean to you?
Family is created in all different ways and comes in all shapes and sizes. Family is love.

Give one word to describe the impact you’ve made on a member’s life:

Give one word to describe the impact you’ve made on the PCAs:

What’s a fun fact about you?
Copenhagen is my favorite place to visit.

What’s the last TV series or movie you binge-watched?
The Crown!

Do you have any personal goals for this year?
I want to create the best member experience possible. I want all our members to say they’ve never been more looked after.